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What Is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is the process of marketing a product or service using images and videos on networks of publisher websites such as the Google Display Ads and Facebook.

Display ads are placed on relevant third-party websites in the form of banner, image and text ads. Display Advertising services are a form of PPC, which means that when a customer clicks on your ad, you are charged a fee (Cost per Click).

Google Display ads are the most powerful and highest converting form of Display Advertising services. We specialise in Google display ads management as it is a crucial factor in your overall digital marketing strategy.

display advertising services
display advertising services

Google Display Network

Google’s Display Advertising services Platform is by far the leading and most effective display advertising network to expand your digital marketing efforts and to build your brand.

What’s so great about Google display advertising? It helps you win new customers by developing a valuable, recognisable brand and it keeps your brand at the front of your customers minds.

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How much money will Professional Google Display Advertising Services save me?

Google display ads are served on the¬†Google Display Network¬†which is a network of millions of websites and apps that reaches approximately 90% of all internet users. This immense potential for customer reach is a double-edged sword. Yes‚ÄĒyou have the power to introduce your brand to millions of relevant consumers. However, you are also¬†likely¬†to introduce your brand to lots of¬†irrelevant¬†consumers if you or your display advertising agency mismanages your campaigns,

To simplify the message: Display advertising can cost you a lot of money if you are not careful. 

ppc marketing


How Much Does Google Display Ads Cost?

Google’s Display Advertising is another form of PPC Marketing. You get charged every time a user clicks on your ads.

It is important to understand that standard Google Ads (Google search network) and Google Display ads (Google Display Network) are priced very differently. In most cases, standard Google Ads are more expensive on a per-click basis. For example, when a user clicks your standard Google Ad in Google search engine results, you might pay $3 for that click, but a Google display ad might only cost $0.70.


Retargeting Using Display Ads

This is where the real power of display ads comes in to vision. Using Retargeting / remarketing.

Have you ever noticed that when you have visited a website (lets say “Joes Plumbing”); shortly after this website visit, you will see ads about Joes plumbing on other platforms such as FaceBook, other websites you visit etc?

This is retargeting in action and it can be an extremely powerful way to re-engage your potential customers to convert them.

We specialise in full service digital marketing for a reason; because we understand that when all the dots connect, your business has a truly powerful digital presence to grow your revenue like crazy.

display advertising services

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Sometimes display advertising services can be confusing. That’s why we have simplified the entire display advertising agency process. Fixed month-to-month pricing for your display advertising services and no contracts. Just results with our data-based scientific approach to¬†display ads.

What are the different types of display advertising?

We’ve all seen the usual display ads, maybe you just didn’t realise what they are called. They are banners / square images sometimes with text or animations ‚Äď these are all the usual suspects when it comes to display ads.
did you know: The world’s first display ad was a basic rectangular banner ad from 1994. A whopping 44% of users who saw it clicked on it!
Since that time, display advertising services has ripened and developed unique and special types, including these:
  • Traditional Display Advertising: These are the normal ads that are commonly associated with display advertising services, consisting of square, rectangular and skyscraper images. All display advertising services are primarily image based with some text and are usually placed on websites.
  • Responsive Display Ads: These are a types of display advertising services that are use several headlines(text) along with descriptions and animations/images that the advertising platform algorithm uses. The display advertising services platform determines the best-performing format for the specified audience.
  • Retargeting Display Ads: This is where display advertising services really show off their power. Remargeting¬† (or remarketing display advertising services) is when an ad is shown to a pre-selected audience. The most common being a user that has in some way engaged with your website previously. This simple action converts the ad from a cold display ad to a warm ad because the user is already familiar with your brand.¬† ¬† The best¬†display advertising services can enable your business to have a very strong conversion rate compared to not having retargeting¬†display advertising services. Retargeting display advertising services are the best way to personalise your service to your audience.

Display ad for Buckwheat de Goldendoodle

  • Native Ads: Native display advertising services are built to match the same style as the content of the website/email etc. You will see native display advertising services as sponsored/promoted or recommended content on many websites, and they¬†don’t even look like ads.
Screenshot from Entrepreneur highlighting sponsored content to Attract More Customres
  • Social Ads:¬† social display advertising services are ads you regularly see on social media¬† like Facebook and LinkedIn. Similiarly to responsive display advertising services, they are a mixture of text and images with a specific call to action.
Mobile display ad for Airbnb
  • Discovery Ads: Discovery display advertising services are another version of native display advertising services that use smart learning algorithms to present image ads in the most appropriate format for the user. Discovery display advertising services appear on YouTube search results, Gmail, Google Discover results and more.


What must a display advertisement include?

display ads includes combinations of of text, image, video, audio, and animated ads, which appear on websites, apps, and social network platforms. Display ads can appear in several sizes, including banners.

What are display ads good for?

Display advertising services are most powerful when used as one part in an overarchine Digital Marketing strategy.
The best way to utilise Display advertising services for most businesses is:
1)¬†building brand awareness:¬†Users are browsing social media and¬†display¬†websites for social or research reasons, so they aren’t looking to convert. This means that your¬†ads¬†need to focus on brand awareness, not conversions.
2) retargeting/remarketing: for users that have already engaged with your business in someway such as visiting your website in the last 30 days, remarketing display advertising services are a particularly powerful way to re-engage and convert these users for the service/product they have already familiairsed themselves with. In this way, these retargeting display ads are no longer cold ads; they are now warm ads because the potential customer is already familiar with your brand and services.

Google AdWords vs Google Display Network

Google AdWords is split into multiple networks (where ads are displayed).
Firstly, the Google Ads Search Network is where text ads are shown in the top of the search engine results.
Second, the Google Display Network is where businesses place display ads on a wide range and network of websites across the internet.

How much do display ads cost?

In short: display advertising services cost FAR less than Google Search Ads.

The average cost per click (CPC) of a google search ad advertisement on Google Ads is approximately $2.80.

Comparitively, the average CPC (cost per click) of an ad on the Google Display Network is around $0.60.

Are display ads effective?

In short: Yes. The fact that the cost per click (CPC) of display advertising services is signifigantly lower than other PPC methods such as Google Search Ads, display advertising services delivers a positive ROI for most businesses.

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Do Banner Ads Work in 2021?

Some believe the common banner ad is a thing of the past. However, smart digital marketers who actually analyse the data know better. We expect that display ad spend will exceed $80B in 2022. Why? Modern HTML5 powered animated ads and smarter targeting options have increased the effectiveness of display advertising services.

Are display ads seen by everyone?

Well, no. Not everyone. However, consider this: The Google Display Network alone reaches appriximatel 90% of all internet users, and reaching about 65% of users daily. Now you can begin to understand the amazing potential of display advertising services.

No other digital marketing service out there can achieve the reach that display advertising services has.

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