Google ads case study

Gold Car Removals – Melbourne, VIC

The Situation:

David from Gold Car Removals in melbourne contacted our google ads management team in January 2021. David’s company had been spending over $20,000/year in google ad spend with their current and previous digital agencies who were managing their account. Their account was receiving a 2x ROI and David was looking for a better ROI. David also has major issues with click fraud with competitors clicking on his ads to run down his budget.


Gold Car Removals are in a very high competition niche with high CPC’s. Additionally, the click fraud situation was not being picked up by Google a lot of the time and needed expert management.

Our Approach:

We proposed our digital marketing strategy to David and the team which was:

1) we commence data analysis immediately to provide a google ads strategy.

2) we redevelop their current website which was very poorly designed and causing them to lose conversions.

3) we commence our targeted google ads management campaigns for 1 search campaign and 1 local/google maps campaign.

We commenced with a tailored version of our Gold Google Ads Management Plan, and a complete website redesign with strategic landing pages for the google ads campaigns.


1) Within just 1 months, the boat has been stabilised and we successfully ceased all click fraud with careful data analysis and strategic campiagn adjustments.

2) Within 2 months, the Google Ads campaigns had far exceeded our agreed targets. We achieved 22x ROAS (return on ad spend) with 433 leads in the first 3 weeks alone! Their previous agency only achieved 182 leads in over 2 years of google ads management.

3) We reduced their cost per conversion from a whopping $128 to $9. That a 1400% decrease in spend!


4) The redesigned website and targeted google ads campaign results in increasing their conversion rate by 418%. Yes, really!

Not only were they spending FAR less money to secure leads, they were also increasing their revenue by a substantial amount. That’s what we mean by “catapult your business” with SureTech’s careful Google Ads management strategy.

Before SureTech Google Ads Management

google ads management agency

After SureTech Google Ads Management

google ads management agency

“overall very satisying experience to partner with SureTech. I was anxious at the beginning because the old digital agency that managed my account werent achieving the returns I needed. I connnected with Sam in January 2021 and I could tell things were different there. They didn’t promise anything. Sam analysed the data and the situation, then provided me with a report and recommendations. They implemented the strategy, and within 2 months, I was literally drowning in leads. Literally hundreds of leads in a week. I have no idea how they did it, but they even spent LESS! thankyou again Sam and the team! “

David – Owner, Gold Car Removals Melbourne

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