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What Is Managed IT Services Sydney?

Managed IT services Sydney is ongoing business IT support by managed IT service providers, for a fixed monthly fee. It involves proactive monitoring and maintenance of IT infrastructure along with priority business IT support for users and device management, to keep IT systems operating at peak performance, and more importantly to keep overall technology costs low and business efficiency high.

Not only do business IT support issues get resolved quickly, businesses have access to the latest technology and an innovative IT solution for every pain point in your business. 

Managed IT Services Sydney maximises productivity as well as increasing profits. It is designed to take the worry and hassle out of IT and technology, and being part of a service level agreement for your IT outsourcing services means you know how much your Managed IT Services Sydney will cost, and the outcomes you should expect.

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managed it services sydney
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How Does Managed IT Services Sydney Work?

With Managed IT Services Sydney, we act as your business IT support and IT consulting department to support, implement, manage and monitor all your IT infrastructure and services for you around the clock, so you can focus on business.

Our Managed IT Services Sydney have no forced contracts like most other managed IT service providers. We offer a range of different managed IT solutions tailored to suit your business IT support requirements. We work with you to establish the services you need to ensure your costs are low and your business is fully supported now and into the future.

You can pick and choose exactly the level of ‘cover’ or business IT support your company needs.


What Is Included in Managed IT Services Sydney?

All reputable Managed IT Services Sydney should include:

Help desk: On call remote IT support services whenever you need it with guaranteed response times. This includes on-site support and remote or virtual support.

Proactive support: Regular assessment of software, licenses, hardware and all IT infrastructure. This highlights which systems are due for replacement before they fail or result in unnecessary downtime and cost to your business. Network weaknesses should also be checked on a regular basis to ensure vulnerabilities are fixed before cyber criminals get a chance. By detecting issues at an early stage, disasters can be prevented.

Monitoring and maintenance: A good outsourced IT support Managed Services Provider (MSP) has monitoring tools to ensure consistent up-time. This keeps business productivity at its peak, whilst ensuring no risk of financial loss due to systems being down.

User management: Managed IT Services Sydney ensures each and every user in your business is supported.

Security and Compliance: The need for data security is more important than ever, so you need to know your data is secure and safe from hacking, data theft, ransomware and viruses of all sorts. 

Backups and disaster recovery: Data loss can be devastating for any business, so in the case of a disaster such as damage to premises or fatal system crash, you need to know your systems will be back up and operational as quickly as possible.

Asset Management: Tracking of equipment. This ensures you have access to up to date information on the age, specifications, installed applications, user details and branch location of all devices.

Technology Consultation: Managed IT Services Sydney utuilise experts that are on your side and that can help you to implement and manage small business IT solutions and IT consultancy. We provide your business with the best technologies to meet your business objectives. Good managed IT service providers will align technology with your business, help you with business direction, give you regular updates on new products, and spot opportunities for process and system improvements.

Faster and guaranteed response times: Response times should be guaranteed, and clearly defined in the service level agreement.

Documentation: Detailed notes and diagrams of systems, network configurations, passwords, licencing, and guides for specific setups. This will ensure efficiency of ongoing IT support and maintenance, and ease of upgrades or enhancements when they are due. 

Reporting: Full visibility of the health and status of your IT systems, with detailed monthly reporting.

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Managed Office 365

More businesses are migrating all their services to cloud services such as Microsoft 365 (or Office 365). For many of these businesses, the only business IT support they need is Managed Office 365.

Managed Services for Office 365 means you have access to a dedicated team of business IT support experts who will manage and support your Microsoft cloud solution. Offering assistance for user management, data management and licensing requirements to ensure they are always up to date and compliant. Along with help desk support, your business will enjoy the benefits of a seamless cloud experience with the best Managed IT Services Sydney.


Virtual Managed IT Services Sydney

In these modern times, we understand the need for your business to ensure contact-less Managed IT Services Sydney. Virtual Managed IT Services Sydney is everything you need in managed IT support, just virtual and at a lower cost to your business.

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