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From Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what some of our clients say about the SureTech service and more importantly, the Sure results they have received from the leading digital marketing agency Sydney.

  • The whole team at Sure Tech are honest and very knowledgeable when it comes to their work. I am pleased with the results so far for my google ads campaign... read more

    Cindy Daniel Avatar Cindy Daniel

    Would recommend. Was looking for a local digital marketing agency for my restaurant / bar. Very impressed with the response rate I have had after these guys implemented and managing... read more

    glenn quagmiire Avatar glenn quagmiire

    These guys are bloody great! they did what they said they would do. get me to top position of google! i found them very experienced in what they do. very... read more

    Abdul Zeidan Avatar Abdul Zeidan
  • my conveyancing business has finally taken off! Thanks Sam for your straight forward, honest approach to getting leads with SEO and google ads management.

    Sandra Daniel Avatar Sandra Daniel

    spectacular personalised digital marketing from Sam. In 3 months, Sam has reduced our google ads spend by 20% and leads and have increased. highly recommend google ads management from suretech

    Shy La Avatar Shy La

    Very happy with my new website. SureTech also developed my business branding(logo, cards etc). They have been managing my SEO and Google ads campaign for a few months also now... read more

    fadi saleeb Avatar fadi saleeb
  • great experience working with the suretech digital marketing Sydney team. Word of mouth referral - previous other failed attempts to rebuild and market my niche construction materials company failed with... read more

    Fred Saliba Avatar Fred Saliba

    suretech are the 3rd digital marketing company ive worked with for my construction company. i must say their motto of "no BS" is true. They were very transparent and honest... read more

    Andrew Othman Avatar Andrew Othman

    Highly recommended. Suretech got me to page 1 of google in 3 months. Affordable seo and Google ads management packages for our business. We use their gold silver... read more

    Richard Soliman Avatar Richard Soliman

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (or Google AdWords) is a type of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This is also sometimes knwn as Google AdWords PPC (pay per click).

With Search Engine Marketing/PPC such as Google AdWords, businesses pay for ads to appear as search results on search engine results pages (SERPs) such as Google. They target select keywords so that when a user searches for those terms, they see an ad from the business. The brand is charged only if a user clicks on the ad, hence the term Pay Per Click. All these terms are used interchangeably to describe paid advertising such as Google Ads. 

Paid search ads can be found on almost any search results page. These paid placements are typically located at the top and bottom of the page. They include an “Ad” designation to let users know that it is a paid placement.

Unlike SEO, the benefits of SEM (Google Ads) can be realised immediately, because you essentially pay to show up on the first page of Google. This is the difference between SEO and SEM.

Google Adwords Services

Do I Need to Outsource my Google AdWords Services Setup?

Getting your AdWords setup perfectly on-point is crucial to a profitable campaign. All further optimisation activities depend on a targeted, pin-point AdWords setup.

As a no-BS Google Ads agency / Digital Marketing Company, our experience in the AdWords setup goes beyond simply setting up your Ads. Our 10 step process identifies your target audience, competition and many more factors to ensure that your adwords setup is ready to hit the ground running.

Our industry leading Google AdWords Services build the highest quality Google Ads marketing campaigns with your unique business goals in mind. Targeted campaigns are developed to ensure every single cent of your spend is used wisely and to build your customer base and business revenue. 

Our no-BS Strategy for Google AdWords Services is Simple: We get you to the first page of Google at the lowest cost.​ We are certified in Google AdWords Services which means we guarantee results to drive traffic to your business. The first step in your Google AdWords Services journey is establishing and configuring a pin-point targeted google ads campaign. Following this initial setup stage, our Google Ads engineers manage your campaigns to ensure the highest return on your investment.

​If you’re curious about how Google AdWords Services can help build your business, we provide free business assessments and obligation free consultations. It costs you nothing to see where you stand.

All prices are fixed price to suit your budget and we never lock you into a contract, so you will always know how much revenue or return on your investment that your Google AdWords Services are achieving.

We are based in Sydney and service companies Australia-wide.

contract-free digital marketing

No Lock-In Contracts

We're that confident of our Digital Marketing results, we will never lock you into a contract

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Stop or Change Anytime

Your Digital Marketing should adapt to your business. Stop, Pause or change your service anytime

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Unlimited Support

Most agencies charge you more to communicate with them. Not Us. You get unlimited support from your own digital marketing guru

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Interactive Reporting that actually means something. We report back in your language.


How much money will Professional Google AdWords Setup save me?

Google AdWords is a complex platform. Google make it that way on purpose. Remember, Google made $100Billion in ads revenue in 2018 alone. Most of this is due to poorly setup and managed Google Ads campaigns.
Look at it this way, if your Google Adwords setup is incorrectly or poorly implemented by an amateur Google Ads agency, you simply end up paying Google more for the clicks you receive.
For example, if your small business adwords campaign pays Google just 70c more than what you have to, 7 times a day, that is a whopping $1788 per year. This is a crucial benefit of partnering with a boutique Google Ad service / Google Ads agency like SureTech.
Essentially, your Google Ads agency investment pays for itself and you are guaranteed to save more money while also increasing your revenue drastically using our specialised SEM strategy.
Now, imagine what we could save if we optimised ALL your keywords with our leading Google AdWords Services.
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get started in Google AdWords Services with your free google adwords setup this month

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Sometimes google adwords services and working with a Google Ads Agency can be confusing. That’s why we have simplified the entire AdWords setup and management process. Contract-Free month-to-month Google Adwords services and small business AdWords management. Laser focused industry leading results with our scientific Google adwords services plans.

Does Google Ads Work?

Quite simply, Yes! Google Adwords services is the leading PPC service for a reason. Why? AdWords delivers results to your business immediately, from day 1. How? You’re targeting customers who are ready to buy NOW. Customers actively searching Google for your service. The fact that Google Ads always show up before organic search listings, makes it an amazing tool for brand exposure and of course is the best way to generate clicks and sales NOW. Also, did you know that over 60% of customers searching Google to purchase a product or service will only click on an Ad? Now, try to imagine your own service/product being displayed in front of these 60% + users… this is where REAL growth and revenue increase starts with. Why? These customers who click on your ad and travel to your website are 60% more likely to purchase your service compared to those who clicked on an organic search result. This is the power of professional targeted Google Adwords Services. Still not convinced? Great. We love a sceptic. Don’t take our word for it. Check out how our recent Google Adwords Services case studies to see how we have generated massive revenue for our clients using Google Ads.

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Are Google ads worth it?

A professionally managed Google Ads campaign using Google Adwords Services is always going to return you a profit. How much depends on which Agency you let manage your money. The industry average Return on Investment (ROI) for Google Adwords Services is 2.5x. That means $2.50 revenue for every $1 you spend on Google Ads. But WAIT…. not SureTech. Our average ROI is 8x using Google Ads! The key is the personalised Google Adwords Services we provide. You are not just a number. We integrate ourselves as part of your business . We get to know your tea,, your customers. This is where the real fine tuning occurs to get the massive ROI. …

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What is CPC / Cost Per Click?

The CPC or cost per click is the cost charged by Google every time someone clicks on your ads.

We need to remember that Google Ads works the same as an auction. This means that the more competition there is, the more likely that the cost, or CPC / cost per click will increase also. Translated in even simpler terms, the higher the competition, then the higher the CPC or cost per click bid is required to get a decent ad position. What you ‘bid’ and the eventual CPC / cost per click is not the same. Depending on the expertise of the Google Adwords Services you work with, this CPC and bid can be manipulated in your favour to reduce your overall spend AND increase your returns.

This is where the leading Google Adwords Services Management Agency in Australia ensures that your bids are set competitively, strategically and optimised regularly so that you pay the minimum amount possible per click.

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How do I optimise Google Ads campaigns?

Let’s be blunt. Google Ads is a tricky beast to master, and even trickier to get the best returns possible.

Why? Google make it that way on purpose. They want you to win, but they also want to generate their own revenue from your ad spend.

If you want to spend the least amount of money possible while maximising your returns, you must invest in professional Google Ads plans. Google Adwords has many complex intertwined parts that have to be set up correctly and optimised daily. For example, the basic things that we optimise are:

  • Keywords
  • Keyword Bids
  • Ad copies
  • Landing pages
  • Device bid adjustments
  • Conversion tracking
  • Split A/B Testing for all variables
  • Manual vs Automated Bidding strategies
  • Remarketing / retargeting

We utilise many professional advanced Google Adwords Services strategies such as Dynamic keyword insertion for landing pages to lower your overall spend and maximising your revenue. This enables SureTech to guarantee that your business is getting the best performance out of every cent spent with Google Adwords Services.

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Why can't I see my google ads?

There are many variables and factors that Google uses to decide which ads are displayed. More importantly, which ads are displayed in the top 3 search engine results. Such factors include your keyword bid, bidding strategy, budget, geographic location and much more.

So, even if your daily budget still isn’t exhausted and you can not see your own ads is not necesserily a cause for concern.

The only way to find out is to have a professional Google Adwords Services such as SureTech perform a free audit on your account.

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Why google ads are important

Here are some mind boggling stats: Over 80% of customers perform online research before making a purchase. 50% of customers read or view at least 3 pieces of content generated by a business they are looking to purchase from before making contact with the business. Almost 80% of users NEVER scroll past the first page of google search results. So….the best way to generate revenue for your business is by getting to page 1 of Google. What is the fastest way to get to page 1 of Google? The answer is with Google Adwords Services! With a professionally setup and managed Google Ads with our Google Adwords Services, your product/service will always be on page 1 of Google, instantly. SEO is awesome for long-term results, however Google Ads gets you results NOW, not later. How? A professionally setup and managed Google Ads campaign establishes Audience Targeting to ensure that your ads show up in front of your customers exactly when they are ready to buy. For example, if someone searches for “building inspection Sydney”, this likely means they are looking to purchase a building inspection NOW. By setting up your Google Ads campaign to target your customers based on location, gender, device, age, and so much more. Quite simply, this adience targeting (when managed correctly by experienced Google Adwords Services) is how Google Ads makes your business money. It is unlike any other form of digital marketing because it lets you target your customers who want your product or service now…

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How much does Google Ads Management cost?

This completely depends on how many campaigns you want to run and your budget. Our Google Ads plans and google adwords services start from just $12/day and we treat every cent of your budget as if it is our own. The more campaigns you run or the higher your budget, the more you can expect to spend on your Google Adwords Services fees. The thing to keep in mind is that with a leading digital agency like SureTech, your google adwords services management fees always pay for themselves because our strategy ensures that you spend LESS on each click while making MORE revenue. This is the real power of a boutique Google Adwords Services Agency like SureTech.

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Is Google Ads better than SEO?

SEO and Google ads are both excellent ways to market your business online. If you are considering SEO vs Google Ads, her eis what you should factor:

*PPC / Google Ads appear as the top 4 results of SERP’s (search engine results pages)

*PPC / Google Ads appear above the organic SEO results.

*Clicks from SEO / organic results do not incur any cost or fee – they are free clicks. However, getting to the top of organic / SEO search engine results takes time. This time varies from months to over 1 year for highly competitive niches.

*Don’t think of it as “SEO or Google Ads”. Think of it as “SEO AND Google Ads”. Why? When we use Remarketing to ‘follow’ your previous SEO/organic website visitors, we dramatically increase the overall conversions rates to your business.  So, using a combination of SEO and PPC paid advertising / Google Adwords Services is the best and fastest way to increase your ROI and revenue

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What is click fraud?

If your competitors purposely click on your ads to attempy to exhaust your daily budget, this is called click fraud.

Luckily, this is rare, however Google has sophisticated algorithms to capture when this is occuring so you are not charged for these clicks.

However, they dont catch all of them. That’s why we have our scientific approach towards stopping click fraud included in our Google Adwords Services. We analyse data to see who is clicking on your ads, and optimise to ensure it doesnt occur. In this way, we can stop click fraud and block irrelevant clicks. This can be a huge concern for business owners in very competitive niches with higher cost per clicks, so we pay particular attention to this in our Google Adwords services Plans.


Our Google Adwords Services tools detect click bots, IP addresses and devices which portray abnormal behaviour on your ads and website.

This ensures the best campaign ROAS (return on ad spend) and gives you a higher ROI return on investment.

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When to use google ads

Google Adwords Services is king when it comes to quick converting marketing.

radio, TV, paper pamphlets etc are all dinosaurs in the marketing world.


They simply can’t target your audience like Google Ads can.

Remember, your customer is actively searching for your service/product in Google Ads to buy. This is the beauty of Google Adwords Services. The customers come to you!

Google Adwords Services marketing is not ‘cold’ advertising like social marketing can sometimes be.

Also, with a professionally setup campaign, you will show up on the first page of Google TODAY so you can start selling immediately.

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