seo case study


The Situation:

We notice something very often. Most digital marketing agencies who claim to be SEO guru’s can’t even rank their own website on page 1 of Google for high competition keywords.

“SEO is dead”…that’s all I hear these days from clients who have been burned by rubbish digital agencies.
“You can’t get to top spot in Google for high competition keywords”…so they told me…
For 6 months we have been on a mission to prove the naysayers WRONG our own digital agency.

So, here is a case study of our very own digital marketing agency going from nowhere to position 1 of Google using SEO for a very high competition keyword “SEO Packages Sydney”


“SEO Packages Sydney” is a very high competition keyword. For good reason. This keyword has a huge amount of direct intent traffic, so thousands of digital agencies are bidding for the top spot.

Our Approach:

Using the equivalent of our Platinum SEO Plan, we started as we always do with a competition analysis. We analysed what the top 5 positions were doing to rank on page 1 of Google, then we carefully created a strategy to do better in every facet. SEO is not rocket science, but it is an art form that needs careful planning and time.


In 6 months, our work had paid off. We had gone from the Google grave (page 9 of Google search engine results) to page 1. Not only page 1, but TOP SPOT. Numero Uno!

Organic traffic increased by 1200% for this single page.

Monthly enquiries/leads went from 0 to 170/month.

suretech seo case study
suretech seo case study