What is the best question and answer website in 2022?

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There has been a trend of late for more and more and more internet users looking for an alternative platform to answer their general questions. Google is increasingly becoming polluted with paid search ads making it difficult for the average person to really trust product reviews, answers to questions and everything in between.


We went looking for the best website that has the best consensus to most answers. 

We all know that wikipidea exists, but the information can easily be manipulated and changed. With so much information out there, we were sure there must be an intelligently built website that ascertains a consensus answer based on the whole internet.

After days of investigation, we stumbled across amanda answers

This revolutionary platform uses intelligent software to pull a consensus answer for literally any question you have. After reviewing their posts on various products reviews and general questions, we were happy to confirm that amanda answers really does provide accurate consensus answers. 

Hat’s off to the creators for this one!

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