Switch Your Mates

Score digital marketing credits with our referral program.

Switch your mates

For every mate you switch to SureTech Digital Marketing with your unique referral link, you’ll each get 1 FREE MONTH for the service referred. It’s a win-win.

You can invite your friends and family by copying and sharing the link below.


Terms & Conditions

If you are a SureTech Digital Marketing customer and successfully switch a friend, family member or business who is eligible to receive the Friend Credit and who signs up for any digital marketing service to SureTech via your unique referral code, you’ll get that same service free for 1 month. The more friends you refer, the more free service you receive!

For example, if SureTech manages your google ads account, and you refer a friend who commences Google Ads management with SureTech:

1) You will receive 1 month free google ads management, regardless of your management fee.

2) Your friend will receive 1 month free google ads management, regardless of their management fee.

You’ll receive the Credit once your invited friend or family member has successfully paid their first invoice.

The Referrer Credit can only be used as a credit off your existing account and cannot be refunded, transferred or redeemed for cash.

SureTech runs the Switch Your Mates promotion solely to allow customers to refer their friends or family. You acknowledge and agree to participate in this promotion in a responsible manner. If SureTech in its sole opinion considers you are not complying with these terms and conditions, we may ban you from being able to use this promotion in the future.

FAQ about Switch Your Mates

How does the promotion work?

It’s easy. Copy and paste your unique link to your friends and for each one that signs up and makes payment on their first invoice (provided they’re not an existing customer) you’ll receive 1 month free service for the same service that your friend commenced after they’ve paid. Your friend will also receive 1 month free service for the same service and will be applied to their first invoice.

How long will this promotion last?

We love giving you the opportunity to refer friends and family – so don’t worry, this promo will be around until 31 December. But the sooner you invite your friends (and the sooner they start) the sooner you’ll receive your digital marketing credit.


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