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MoreLiving Aged Care.

The Situation:

Elizabeth from MoreLiving aged care contacted us in early 2020 because her business IT infrastructure was simply not providing her growing business the efficiencies and support that they required. For years, the company had been experiencing IT system failures that led to costly reactive IT remediation to get their business up and running again. This not only had a major financial impact on the business, but was also a major pain point in terms of lost efficencies nd lost data.


MoreLiving required a modern, stable and cost effective IT infrastructure that would be able to grow and scale with their growing business. This was needed urgently due to continued downtime.

Our Approach:

We performed a Free IT Audit for the entire business IT infrastructure, software and subscriptions. We then provided a report with the recommended IT solutions and infrastructure to match their goals (low cost and scalable).

We rolled out an initial project to deploy the new IT infrastructure and migrate all the company data to the new solutions. We then commenced Managed IT Support including Managed Office 365 to enable their business to collaborate and access data from anywhere, anytime.



In 6 months, MoreLiving has saved 41% in IT costs compared to the previous year. With 255% reduced system downtime, this has enabled the business to focus on their core activities, rather than painstaking over IT issues. This resulted in a 28% improved business efficiency, or in simpler terms, they were able to get through 10 hours more work in their average 40 hour work week then they did last year. This directly lead to an improved bottom line.

“Ok I would like to highly recommend SureTech for business IT consulting and managed IT services sydney. I can say that they took on our mess of an IT infrastructure without hesitation and literally transformed our business with new modern IT solutions that make our business so much smoother. Our Managed IT services account manager Sam is amazing and always respsonsive”

Elizabeth – Director MoreLiving

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