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WA Building Inspections Perth – Perth, Australia

The Situation:

Russell from WA Building Inspections in Perth, WA contacted SureTech  on 2nd December 2020. Russell explained how his google ads were costing him a fortune and was actually losing money! Following an account audit, we provided russell with our strategy to bring his account into a highly profitable status.


WA Building Inspections had lost a lot of money from their previous digital agency poorly managing their Google Ads, so they had a very limited time to become profitable AND a very small budget to begin with.

Our Approach:

We proposed our digital marketing strategy to Russell which was to commence Professional Google Ads management immediately as this would enable immediate returns.

We commenced with our Gold Google Ads Management Plan to market pre-purchase building inspections services, and a complete website redesign with strategic branded landing pages for the google ads campaigns.


In less than 1 month, we completely turned around WA Building Inspections revenue forecast. They went from losing money prior to us commencing our strategy in December 2021, to producing over $9000 revenue in the first month, even with the very small budget available.

The account performance continues to improve with our ongoing optimisations and management. We generated a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 18x and a 482% increase in conversions. That’s not the most important part. With our scientific, data based approach, we reduced their overall cost per conversion from to $13 per lead which was a massive 450% reduction in their costs. This was all in the first 2 months of our Google Ads management.

WA Building Inspections have continued to scale their digital marketing with great success. As of late 2022, WA Building Inspections has the most successful and efficient Building Inspections google ads campaigns in Perth with a 18x Return On Investment from our specialist Digital Marketing for home inspectors. Their profit Increased from $5k/month to $40k/month with minimal investment:

Google Ads for Home Inspectors - Revenue Generation Case Study

“I’m a little bit blown away to be honest. I had little trust for digital marketing agencies previously. I had been burned. Sam made me feel comfortable, and more importantly, they delivered! I only had $20/day budget to start with for Google Ads but Sam made it work somehow! I went from losing money to receiving more leads than I could even handle. Overall a very very pleasant experience, and I also love the new website design.”

Russell Mccarthy – Owner WA Building Inspections

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