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Pierus Building Inspections – Perth, Australia

The Situation:

Pietro from Pierus Building Inspections approached SureTech in 2021 and he wanted more leads at a lower cost than he had been achieving for years. Pietro explained that he had worked with 4 digital marketing agencies in the past 3 years and his revenue generated was not covering the digital marketing costs.


Pierus Building Inspections needed to recoup losses caused by their previous digital marketing agencies. They are in a competitive location for their building inspection services which means keeping their cost per click and cost per lead down required a tried and tested strategy from day 0.

Our Approach:

Our specialist digital marketing for home inspectors guru, Sam audited the account. We proposed our digital marketing strategy to Pietro which was to completely redesign the website with premium branding and a refreshed logo with the goal of targeting clients who wanted premium building inspections.

We then commenced with our Gold Google Ads Management Plan to market building and pest inspections.


In less than 2 weeks, we reduced the average cost per lead from $83 to $11.53! That’s a whopping 86% reduction in their business marketing costs!

The account performance continued to improve with our ongoing optimisations and management. We generated a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of over 7x and a 414% increase in business revenue. 

With our tried and tested strategies for digital marketing for home inspectors, Pietro didn’t have to wait months or even weeks to return a serious profit. The business was profitable literally days after we implenented our carefully considered digital marketing strategy.

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“I was referred to SureTech as being the best digital marketing for home inspectors. After sam audited our digital marketing, he was able to explain why 3 other agencies failed to create profitability.
Long story short, SureTech’s google ads for home inspectors literally turned my business around within days! The website design and branding are spot on, and has literally increased my bottom line by 4x. amazing. would highly recommend for home inspection advertising”

Pietro – Owner Pierus Building Inspections

google ads for home inspectors