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Google Ads Agency Newcastle Services

Google Ads campaigns are not something you can set and forget following your Google Ads campaign setup. Google’s complex algorithms and AdWords platform are forever changing. This means that expert management is required to ensure your campaign remains profitable, relevant and most importantly, reaching the first page of Google. To get the best results from your Google Ads budget, its essential to actively tune and optimise your campaigns daily based on data-driven tactics and principles.

Remember, there is a reason that Googles Ad revenue was $100 Billion in 2018. Simply put, a well managed Google campaign is king when it comes to building your business revenue online, but it will put a huge hole in your pocket if managed poorly. 

When we take over existing Google Ads Agency Newcastle campaigns, we have always increased the amount of revenue and leads using the same or less budget. We achieve this because we establish a targeted strategy for each business, and our certified Google Ads Agency Newcastle specialists continually retrain in Google’s forever changing platform.

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Do I Need to Outsource my Google Ads Management Newcastle?

SureTech helps businesses to win where it counts. We specialise in Google Ads Agency Newcastle management by implementating and optimising your Google Ads campaigns to the highest quality with your unique business goals in mind. We ensure every single cent of your PPC marketing spend is used wisely and to build your customer base and business revenue using the standard Google Ads Search Network and Google Display Network. 

Our no-BS Strategy is Simple: We get you to the first page of Google at the lowest cost.​ We are certified in Google Ads Agency Newcastle management which means we guarantee results to drive traffic to your business. 

Once we complete your initial Google Ads setup service by establishing and configuring a pin-point targeted google ads campaign, we move onto the Google Ads Agency Newcastle management stage which ensures the highest return on your investment.

​If you’re curious about how a Google Ads Agency Newcastle such as SureTech can help build your business, we provide free business assessments and obligation free consultations. It costs you nothing to see where you stand, and all our Google Ads Agency Newcastle services are contract free, so you will never be locked in.


How much money will Professional Google Ads Management save me?

Google AdWords is a complex platform. Google make it that way on purpose. Remember, Google made $100Billion in ads revenue in 2018 alone. Most of this is due to poorly managed Google Ads campaigns.
Look at it this way, if your Google Ads campaign pays Google just 70c more than what you have to, 7 times a day, that is a whopping $1788 per year. This is a crucial benefit of professional Google Ads Agency Newcastle management. Essentially, your Google Ads management pays for itself and you are guaranteed to save more money while also increasing your revenue drastically using our specialised SEM strategy.
Now, imagine what we could save if we optimised ALL your keywords.
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ppc management


How much revenue will Professional Google Ads management Make me?

This is highly dependant on your daily budget and how competitive your industry and the area you are targeting is.

Even in the most competitive industries, we have found numerous profitable niches and keywords for each and every client we have ever worked with. This is done by our Google Ads Agency Newcastle specialists who are neurotic about getting your PPC marketing campaigns targeting only the profitable keywords.

The industry average for ROI (return on investment) using professional Google Ads Agency Newcastle management is 2.5x. Or in other words, for every $1 spent, $2.50 is returned in revenue on average by most digital marketing companies.

Our average is 8x ROI! That’s $8 in your pocket for every $1 you invest in Google Ads Agency Newcastle management.

When we manage and optimise your SEM campaigns, even a small improvements of just 1% can easily equate to hundreds more leads each year from even a small AdWords budget. That’s 365 more leads every year from just 100 clicks per day. This directly translates into drastically increased revenue for your business.


How much does Google Ads management cost?

Our Google Ads Management plans start from $12 per day, so it won’t cost you much to start getting instant results for your business. Our certified Google Ads Agency Newcastle Management guru’s have worked in essentially every industry and have a knack for returning huge returns for our clients using Google Ads.

We have multiple Google Ads Agency Newcastle management plans available and we tailor your package to fit your business goals precisely.

All plans are also contract-free. We’re that confident in our Google Ads Agency Newcastle management services, we let the results do the talking.

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