Key Automation Functionalities for Effective Process Management

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Either you will manage the machines or the machines will manage you


Today, business processes are more intelligent than ever before. The emergence of automation has enabled businesses all over to keep their operations running successfully. However, as with everything, the market today is flooded with many workflow automation software. In such a scenario, how can businesses choose the best one for themselves?

In order to invest in automation management software, you need to gain an understanding of the research capabilities of a workflow management system. Find out how these capabilities will benefit your particular processes.

Some key features should be a part of this efficient solution, which enables it to help businesses optimize their processes on a significant scale.

Process Mapping

Process maps are the foremost step in the direction of process optimization. They take complicated workflows and present them as a visual map. This simplified view enables employees to gain knowledge of existing processes. It allows businesses to look at every single process that they are involved in and how multiple processes link with each other.

Process maps allow you to determine which processes are becoming ineffective. You can then quickly eliminate or update them. They also allow for greater visibility and give you more control over every workflow. As you gain accountability for the processes, you achieve better collaboration.

Workflow Automation

Workflows are an integral part of business tasks. Although companies structure their workflows digitally, it in no way guarantees their effectiveness. For instance, approval processes are a common source of triggering delays as they are time-consuming.

However, by utilizing workflow automation tools, companies can boost their processes and minimize miscommunication. They also make way for automating administrative jobs that are unnecessary. Thus, eliminating all bottlenecks in between. Automated workflows, therefore, make way for less delays and efficient communication.


Robotic Process Automation or RPA refers to the use of bots that complete repetitive and manual tasks automatically at a significantly greater speed than an average worker. The users just have to provide specific instructions to them. Acting on these instructions, the robots engage with different applications and eliminate the need for humans to perform manual tasks. Thus, they enable employees to direct their attention to high-value tasks rather than easting it on those tasks that be easily automated.

The efficiency and speed of many administrative processes can be enhanced with the application of RPA. Human beings are much prone to committing errors in various compliance processes. It is not the case with the RPA bots. Thus, it effectively takes away inefficiency and enhances the reliability of such processes.

Elimination of Paper-Based Processes

An integral part of digital transformation is the elimination of paper-based procedures. Document generation, when done manually, is extremely time-consuming. But if you have document management software, it won’t take more than a few seconds for you to generate accurate documents. You don’t even have to worry about them being compliant. You can use data using document generation to form and fill forms, contracts, or sales orders. The templates built within ensure that the document stays compliant with various regulations.

Process Intelligence Tools

One of the most essential tools at the disposal of every organization is the data. It gives insights that, when acted upon, gives organizations the success and growth they desire. However, manual data analysis is an extremely lengthy and time-consuming task. But process intelligence tools conduct analysis without any requirement for the manual coalition. Thus, such tools help businesses to achieve greater insights into the performance of various operations. At the same time, they can also find areas of improvement. Such tools work on Artificial Intelligence and conduct analysis without the use of spreadsheets. By employing them, you naturally bring about long term improvement in your business.

Summing Up

With the rise in technology and business intelligence, organizations are gearing up to eliminate time-consuming processes and make them more streamlined. It is allowing them to notice a significant improvement in their outcomes. Process automation is what will enable you to keep up with the rapidly changing business landscape of today.